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We are ☝️ Exclusive Distributors in Israel of KV2 Audio

The Future of Sound. Made Perfectly Clear.

KV2 Audio's vision is to constantly develop technologies that eliminate distortion and loss of information, providing a true dynamic representation of the source. The aim is to create audio products that absorb you, place you within the performance and deliver a listening experience beyond expectation.

500 Series.png

500 Series

KV2 bring you a selection of exceptional audio tools for the 500 Series that offer, not only Class A circuitry with some of the lowest distortion figures in their field, but also brand new radical approaches to age old...


JK - DI Boxes

Fully sealed switches and the best available components the JK Series of DI solutions is suitable for recording and live applications. DI solutions set a new standard in audio quality and value for money.

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