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AudioLife is a boutique audio-integration company

for ultra-high-resolution soundscapes.


Tamir Barelia, a long-time hobbyist DJ and alternative events producer, has decades of experience doing production design & development for events across the world.


David Bar-Gil, a graduate of SAE (School of Audio Engineering) College in London, has decades of experience making live sound for Israel’s finest musicians.

We love “everything sound” and are passionate about sharing this love with like-minded people. Together we bring ample experience in sound and associated environmental design with producing some of the finest soundscapes to be heard in Israel.


Our mission is to make high-resolution sound accessible to consumers, professionals, and businesses across Israel. The value will become undeniable once you experience KV2 Audio products in person. Imagine you were watching TV all these years with the picture out of focus… If someone were to set the focus right, you would never settle with watching a none focused picture again. Right? It’s the same with sound. The vast majority of the sound we hear (through earphones, home speakers, and commercial PA) these days is “out of focus.” We don’t know any better, so we succumb to accepting it as the common listening experience. Our mission is to set the - sound - focus right.”


Audio (and sound) cannot be adequately communicated without a physical medium (we need air to hear.) This necessitates that the listener is in the same air space as the transducer (speaker) moving it. It is this necessity that dedicates how we work. We aim to provide the best listening environments to experience KV2 Audio products in their “natural habitat.” We provide private demos of consumer-oriented KV2 products and host professional demos of commercial systems in nightclubs, public halls, and open arenas.

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