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VHD Series

The VHD High-Performance Touring and Installation system from KV2 Audio has been designed to revolutionize the concert sound market by offering unparalleled quality, power, and coverage with huge cost savings in terms of size, weight, transportation, storage, and set-up time.

Challenging the popular trend of line array technology, VHD builds on the KV2 Audio philosophy of point source theory, offering drastically reduced distortion levels and a hugely increased dynamic range that takes us to a new level of sound reproduction previously unheard in large-scale audio systems. VHD reduces the amount of elements needed to cover a particular area for large-scale sound reinforcement, thus removing the interference problems created by multiple sources in modern line array systems. Time alignment and phase correction are done via KV2’s new 20MHz digital delay line. Boasting the highest sampling rate of any digital speaker processor available, KV2’s on board hybrid signal processing uses the best in analog and digital technology to provide incredible definition and resolution with true dynamic range.


At KV2 we define true dynamic range by the system's ability to produce the low-level signals associated with the ambiance and timbre of the sound as well as the main higher-level signals. The end result is a clearer, more dynamic sound that will travel considerably further, providing high-quality audio that is far less affected by air disturbances through crowds, heat, and wind.

The VHD1.0 and VHD2.0 Mid High cabinets, driven by a VHD2000 amplifier, are at the heart of this solution forming the core of our VHD system. Reinforcing this are the VHD2.16, VHD4.18, VHD1.21, and VHD2.21, four very different active-driven subwoofer systems powered by the VHD3200 amplifier. All speakers (except the VHD2.21) are based on identical footprints for easy stacking, and the proprietary flying system provides quick and easy rigging of VHD for suspended use.

The VHD2.21 Double 21-inch subwoofer has been designed in response to the call for a high output, ultra-low frequency subwoofer solution. It is voiced for both live music but also excels in the field of club and dance music. In this situation, it works very effectively, operating down to 25Hz, alongside other VHD products, the smaller ES range, or as an incredible stand-alone subwoofer that can complement any other manufacturer's systems.

The VHD system represents KV2’s embodiment of the very best available technology in both the analog and digital worlds. Through industry-leading engineering, we have managed to optimize the amplifier and speaker relationship to achieve outstanding output with relatively few components. The result is something special, something not just different but better. VHD will change your thinking toward current large-format system trends.

VHD - Very High Definition audio, the pinnacle of KV2 Audio technology.


  • Very High Definition

  • High-Performance Touring and Installation system

  • Designed to revolutionize the Live Sound market by offering unparalleled quality, power, and coverage with huge cost savings in terms of size, weight, transportation, storage, and set up time

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