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Touring and Installation Mid-High Enclosure

A powerful long throw system for audiences of up to 20,000 people without the requirement for additional delay systems. A three-way design featuring a 3" compression driver with NVPD treated dome assembly, two horn-loaded 8" speakers featuring AIC technology, and two horn-loaded 12" mid-bass speakers. All speakers employ neodymium magnets to increase force, improve control, and lower weight. The VHD2.0 has an 80° horizontal and 40° vertical dispersion and left and right versions of the speaker are offered in order to create larger format vertical arrays of the mid-high system.


  • Professional Baltic birch construction with a wear-resistant polymer coating

  • Four full-length pieces of fly-track (two per side) and two five-point, pull-back pieces on the rear of the cabinet

  • Very High Definition audio reproduction

  • 139dB sustained output, 142dB peak

  • Controlled wide dispersion 80° x 40° Mid / High horn

  • New state-of-the-art 3" (76 mm) Nitride Titanium diaphragm compression driver with complex geometry phase plug and neodymium magnetic structure for higher output, exceptionally low distortion, and extended frequency response

  • Two 8" Trans-Coil midrange drivers, with a 3" (76 mm) voice coil and neodymium magnet for increased control and output with reduced distortion and weight

  • Two horn-loaded 12" mid-bass drivers with 3" (76 mm) inside/outside, epoxy baked, high-temperature voice coil assemblies, and neodymium magnetic structures

  • Three-way active requirement - 2000W from the VHD 2000 providing 1200W for the 12" Low Mids, 600W for the 8" Midranges, and 200W for the High Frequency

  • Proprietary side and top handle design, (6) for simplified handling and carrying

  • High impact low friction feet, allowing lock-in to the VHD subwoofers and easy cabinet movement

  • Front locking aluminum VHD wheel boards with wraparound hardwood bumpers

  • Weatherproofing option and special paint finishes available on request


Designed as an extremely high output and performance mid-hi unit as part of the VHD systems. Very High Definition for live performance

  • Medium to large concert venues

  • Scalable from small to large systems

  • Full-range standalone use in public areas

  • Hire and Production

  • Large Theatres

System Acoustic Performance

Max SPL Long-term: 139dB (144dB two VHD 2.0’s)

Max SPL Peak: 142dB (147dB two VHD 2.0’s)

-3dB Response: 100Hz to 22kHz

-10dB Response: 85Hz to 30kHz

Full Range mode: -3dB Response60Hz to 22kHz

Crossover Point: 100Hz, 450Hz, 2.2kHz

High-Frequency Section

Acoustic Design: Horn Loaded

High Horn Coverage Horizontal / Vertical: 80° x 40° / 80° x 10° (2x VHD 2.0's)

High-Frequency Amplifier Requirement: 200W (VHD2000 amp.)

Throat Exit Diameter / Diaphragm Size: 1.4” / 3.0”

Diaphragm Material: Nitride Titanium

Magnet Type: Neodymium

Mid Range Section

Acoustic Design: Horn Loaded

Mid Horn Coverage Horizontal / Vertical: 80° x 40° / 80° x 10° (2x VHD 2.0's)

Midrange Amplifier Requirement: 600W (VHD2000 amp.)

Woofer Size / Voice Coil Diameter / Design: 2 x 8" / 3.0" / Trans Coil

Diaphragm Material: Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose

Magnet Type: Neodymium

Mid Bass Section

Acoustic Design: Horn Loaded

Mid-bass Amplifier Requirement: 1200W (VHD2000 amp.)

Woofer Size / Voice Coil Diameter / Design: 2 x 12" / 3" / Inside Outside

Diaphragm Material: Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose

Magnet Type: Neodymium

Speaker Input

Speaker Input: AP6 male


Cabinet Material: Baltic birch

Handles: 6

Color: Black (wear-resistant polymer coating)

Physical Dimensions

Height: 933 mm (36.72")

Width: 700 mm (27.55")

Depth: 495 mm (19.48")

Weight: 70 kg (154.0lbs)

Product code

  • KVV 987 077 - VHD2.0 R (right)

  • KVV 987 078 - VHD2.0 L (left)

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