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Amplifier with Control and Diagnostics Tool

The VHD3200D is a rack-mounted subwoofer amplifier. The unit contains two separate 1600-watt amplifiers with individual power supplies, signal paths, and inputs and outputs within a single four-rack space chassis. The unit can be used in bridged mode to provide full power for one channel mode. The unit acts as a slave for the VHD2000D, which provides audio and control signals. It can also be used with the EPAK2500/R when used in combination with KV2 Audio ES systems and power the associated ES subwoofer systems. The VHD3200D is now configurable remotely using KV2 Control and Diagnostics Tool.


  • Two-channel 3200W, Control and Amplification System for use specifically with VHD series subwoofers

  • Bridge mode facility

  • Two individual 1600W, high efficiency, current enhancing switching amplifiers with separate Input and output

  • Two individual transformers and power supply circuits for increased reliability and improved power delivery

  • Onboard amplifier overdrive protection

  • AC soft-start circuitry with two individual ON/OFF AC breaker switches providing thorough power protection.

  • Comprehensive front-to-back cooling system features chassis sealed pcb’s for improved reliability.

  • Configurable remotely using KV2 Control and Diagnostics Tool.


Specifically designed to drive all VHD, ES, SL subwoofer elements as part of the VHD and ES systems in a full rack mount module with Control and Diagnostics Tool

  • Portable PA

  • Fixed installations

Output Channels

Number of Channels: 2

Out. Power 4Ω - 1 channel / 2 channels loaded: 1600W / 1600W (RMS)

Out. Power 8Ω - bridged: 3200W (RMS)

Low-Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: High efficiency, Low frequency, Current-enhancing switch mode

Distortion: < 0.05%

Operating Bandwidth: 20Hz to 100Hz

Signal Input

Input Sensitivity: 1.0V RMS

Input Impedance: 20kΩ (balanced)

Signal Output: Main Through OUT

Speaker Output

Speaker Output: 2 x AP4 (1x AP4 bridge)


System setup: Limiter / Short protection

Network: Ethernet: SMNP, Webserver

Power Requirements

Power Connector: 2 x Neutrik PowerCon®

Operating Voltage: 115V / 230V / 250V

Operating Voltage Range: 100 to 120V@60Hz | 205 to 240V@50Hz | 225 to 260V@50Hz

Recommended Amperage: 2 x 20A 115V | 2 x 10A 230V| 2 x 10A 250V

Soft Start: YES

Protection: Thermal breaker

Cooling: 2 x temperature-controlled fans

Physical Dimensions

Height: 177.4 mm (7.0")

Width: 481.4 mm (18.9")

Depth: 455.3 mm (17.9")

Weight: 35 kg (88lbs)

Product code

  • KVV 987 448 - VHD3200D (250V)

  • KVV 987 447 - VHD3200D (230V)

  • KVV 987 446 - VHD3200D (115V)

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