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EX Series

There are lots of powered speakers, but at KV2 Audio, building an active speaker goes beyond bolting a Class D amplifier to the back of a box. We work towards creating the best technology in each distinct discipline and then integrate each step into a powerful package within the context of a truly remarkable audio system. 

The EX range represents the pinnacle in small format active technology available in the world today. The market has been flooded with active speakers since their popularity flourished in the late nineties. It was indeed KV2’s founder George Krampera that led this revolution with the development of the ART range at RCF. George soon realized the true secret to active loudspeaker design was not just building powered speakers but developing amplifiers that are perfectly matched to the transducers so every component is optimized. 


Precisely selected amplifier topologies have been designed to deliver power through a unique LF amplifier for perfect control of the woofer, working alongside an HF amplifier implementing a discreet, classic class AB push-pull topology and an Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) restricting output transformer. 

Our EX Subwoofers each use a version of our proprietary high-efficiency, high-current switching amplifiers delivering efficiency of over 90%. Both provide incredibly high-quality bass performance and total flexibility from a standalone, small-footprint cabinet. The perfect match with any of our full range cabinets or integrate perfectly into any third-party passive or active speaker system.


  • Specifically designed for high quality, high output multi-tasking, portable music playback, and live performance in small to medium applications

  • Full range stand-alone solution or scalable to larger capabilities with subwoofers for large conference, meetings and small to medium performance venues

  • Multi-purpose fixed installations

  • Personal monitoring

  • Infill for larger main KV2 Audio systems

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