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ESD Series

The world is full of passive speakers using basic and often inefficient passive networks with the simple aim of offering an affordable, easy-to-install solution when attached to any amplifier available. The results, however, are often far from acceptable due to poor phase coherency through a minimal crossover circuit and time misalignment between components.

Add to this high distortion from low cost amplifier designs, and you have a speaker highly susceptible to feedback with very poor fidelity. The growth of active speaker technology has provided suitable advances in resolving some of these issues; however, there are economic advantages in installing passive speakers that can still provide high quality reproduction if done properly. When KV2 Audio decided to add a passive line to our growing range of speakers, we looked at how we could improve the design of a passive (analog delay line) crossover network to achieve the best possible sound quality. Drawing on our deep experience in active technology, we developed an analog delay line circuit that would provide time alignment and phase correction passively, substantially improving clarity and definition. Combined with our Active Impedance Control, the results are simply stunning.


We know that one size does not fit all applications so we had to ensure that a variety of models installed into a venue would not require multiple processors to try and achieve an even sound balance across the venue. We carefully tailored the frequency response and sensitivity of each model so that they would simply complement each other when installed in a venue with little or no outboard control. While matching frequency response and sensitivity, we also provided varied impedances for the different-sized cabinets to suit a variety of applications.

Enclosed within Baltic Birch cabinets, the conservative aesthetic presentation and tactile feel create an atmosphere of quality that matches the audio performance. All in all, true to our philosophy of achieving the best sound quality possible, we have created in the ESD range, a speaker range that incorporates all of the economical and easy installation aspects of passive speakers without the need for expensive external processors.


  • Two and three-way passive full-range loudspeaker solutions

  • Features a revolutionary passive delay line

  • The most balanced, phase coherent and accurate, compact passive boxes available on the market today

  • Full range of Subwoofers

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