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ESM Series

For years people have been asking KV2 to build foldback monitors that have the same sound characteristics as EX and ESD ranges. Many foldback wedges utilize onboard active technology or bi-amping and external processing to achieve optimum output. At KV2 we opted for a full passive design utilizing our revolutionary onboard analog delay for perfect phase coherency. This feature does away with the need for expensive external processing and bi-amping, halving amplifier costs.


We also knew they had to be durable to handle the rigors of touring and the on-stage environment of heavy feet and various liquids. A sturdy mesh grill was engineered for the range, and a special acoustically neutral liquid-resistant cover was placed over the horn along with specially coated water-resistant woofers. The resulting ESM range of monitors makes performing a pleasure, delivering clarity and detail at high SPL from a robust and durable package.


  • Low profile 2-way, high output, monitoring solutions

  • Features a revolutionary passive delay line that dramatically reduces feedback

  • Designed to withstand the rigors of live performance: features a sturdy steel grill and a specially designed acoustic fabric covering and protecting the compression driver against liquid

  • Available in left and right configurations

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