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Ultimate Passive Monitor

The ESM26 is a purpose-built stage monitor with incredible clarity and presence, especially in the all-important vocal range. Incorporating two high-quality 6" drivers and a 1.75" compression driver on a 100 x 100 degree horn flare. The ESM26 utilizes KV2’s revolutionary delay line technology for optimum output and feedback rejection. A full-width bass port along the bottom of the cabinet couples with the floor to deliver bass response comparable to monitors twice its size. Under 400mm wide, this small monitor takes up minimal room on stage and is ideal for visually critical applications like TV and theatre.


  • The ESM26 is a high-quality professional stage monitor. Compact in size, the ESM26, at just 374 mm wide and 340 mm high and weighing only 15 kg, delivers incredible clarity and high output that defies its small dimensions. With a sensitivity of 98dB@1 watt, the ESM26 can deliver a peak output of 126dB while retaining pristine sound reproduction.

  • The ESM26 incorporates KV2’s unique analog delay line technology as utilized in their popular new ESD range of speakers. This circuit, incorporated into the speakers' crossover network, provides the monitor with perfect time alignment and phase correction without the need for external processors and bi-amping. The savings this feature provides are substantial, halving amplifier costs and the need for expensive processors.

  • With perfect phase control inbuilt, the ESM26’s rejection of feedback is superb, and absolutely minimal EQ, if any, is needed to create amazing results with this little powerhouse. The ESM26 incorporates two low inductance, long excursion high, quality six inch drivers in a bass reflex cabinet with auto reset protection. A full-width port along the bottom of the cabinet provides direct coupling with the floor for enhanced bass response. The new patent pending 1.75" titanium diaphragm compression driver incorporates a complex geometry phase plug for higher output, exceptionally low distortion, and extended frequency response. It is connected to a 100 x 100 degree horn for wide and deep dispersion, so the performer has good coverage regardless of movement.

  • Unlike many of today’s stage monitor designs which use very shallow angles for aesthetic appeal, the ESM26 incorporates a steeper angle to ensure sound is directed at the performer and rear of the stage rather than up into the ceiling. Again this provides for much more practical longer throw applications in television studios or theatres while still retaining a total height of just over 300 mm. The ESM26’s connector panel is cleverly concealed into its side handle to ensure an attractive, unobtrusive appearance on stage.

  • The simplicity and ease of use of the ESM26 is only complimented by its extraordinary performance. Through innovative engineering with real-world applications in mind, KV2 has delivered a world-class stage monitor at an affordable and accessible price. Ideal for all applications where high-quality stage monitoring is required


Specifically designed as an extremely compact-low profile passive-vocal floor monitor

  • Live performance

  • Concert venues

  • Portable PA

  • Fixed installations

System Acoustic Performance

Max SPL Long-term123dB

Max SPL Peak: 129dB

-3dB Response: 70Hz to 16kHz

-10dB Response: 54Hz to 28kHz (half space)

Recommended Power: 275W

Sensitivity: 98dB

Impedance: 8Ω

Crossover Point: 2.5kHz

High-Frequency Section

Acoustic Design: Horn Loaded

High Horn Coverage Horizontal / Vertical: 100° x 100°

Throat Exit Diameter / Diaphragm Size: 1" / 1.75"

Diaphragm Material: Nitride Titanium

Magnet Type: Neodymium

Low-Frequency Section

Acoustic Design: Front Loaded, Bass Reflex

Number of Drivers: 2

Woofer Size / Voice Coil Diameter / Design: 6" / 1.75"

Magnet Type: Neodymium

Diaphragm Material: Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose

Speaker Input

Speaker Input: 2 x Neutrik Speakon®


RMS Limiter: auto-reset


Cabinet Material: Baltic birch

Handles: 1

Color: "Orange peeled" Matt Black or any RAL

Physical Dimensions

Height: 337.3 mm /13.28"

Width: 370 mm /14.57"

Depth: 454.5 mm /17.89"

Weight: 15 kg (33.8 lbs)

Product code

  • KVV 987 263 - ESM26

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