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Complete Medium Size EX System for profesional DJs


Expected delivery, 90 days after verified payment
  • A complete DJ set for events up to 250 people outdoors or 500 indoors. The EX is the pinnacle of active speaker technology. A 3-Way system with six separate amplifiers, each with its own topology, to deliver distortion-free, pristine sound, up to 132Db.

    The system is delivered with two KM mount-poles, hand-made XLR cables (Klotz/Neutrik), and molded Israeli head Neutrik PowerCon power cables. 

    In addition, this offer includes KV2 original covers and magnetic carts for the subs.

    • 2 x KV2-Audio EX12
    • 2 x KV2-Audio EX1.18
    • 2 x 3M XLR Cables 
    • 2 x 5M XLR Cables
    • 2 X 1.5M PowerCon Cables
    • 2 x 3M PowerCon Cables
    • 2 x K&M Pole-Mounts
    • Case for Pole-Mounts
    • 2 x KV2-Audio EX12 Covers
    • 2 x KV2-Audio EX1.18 Covers
    • 2 x KV2-Audio EX1.18 Magnetic Carts with Wheels
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