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Active control and amplification unit specifically designed in conjunction with VHD5000S for powering the VHD5 loudspeaker system. The VHD5000 is equipped with many features for easy large scale speaker system use. It features all signal processing, crossover and speaker system protection. All signal processing is executed with KV2 Audio Super Audio Analog circuitry and utilize KV2's industry leading 20MHz sampling for on board time alignment and phase correction for maximum audio quality. The VHD5000 is equipped with multiple delay lines, wideband delay line for VHD5 system delay, ll output delay and two low frequency delay lines for subwoofers.


The Main input, fill output, and subwoofer outputs are equipped with phase reverse and set level features. The VHD5000 input is "Line Driver Ready"; it has an input signal impedance selector switch (10kOhm and 120Ohm) to match up low impedance signal source when driving long signal cables. In most cases, it would be advisable to use a VHD LD4 Line Driver in addition at the mixer outputs, to ensure that the line to the amplifier is driven correctly and the signal integrity maintained.

The VHD5000 also features long-distance eq, high-frequency recovery, and a signal generator. The amplifier is equipped with multiple network possibilities for easy remote control operation from networked amplifiers or website applications.


Specifically designed as the amplification and control for the 1xMid/Hi VHD5.0 part loudspeaker systems with adjacent VHD5000S in a rack mount modules

  • Large scale Portable PA

  • Fixed installations

  • Large clubs

Output Channels

Number of Channels: 1 x VHD5.0

High-Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: Class AB Push-Pull low IM Mosfet design, transformer balanced output

Rated Continuous Power: 300W

Distortion: < 0.02%

Operating Bandwidth: 2kHz to 30kHz

High-Frequency Amplifier 2 Specification

Type: High Efficiency, High Power Bandwidth

Rated Continuous Power: 600W

Distortion: < 0.05%

Operating Bandwidth: 2kHz to 30kHz

Mid Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: High Efficiency, High Power Bandwidth

Rated Continuous Power: 1500W

Distortion: < 0.05%

Operating Bandwidth: 450Hz to 2kHz

Signal Input

Input Channels: XLR

Input Sensitivity: 1.55V RMS

Input Impedance: 10kΩ to 120Ω "Line driver ready."

Signal Output

Signal Output Channels: Through, Low, Sub A B, Fill, Insert

Speaker Output

Speaker Output: AP6


Input Level Control: -20/ +3dB

Hi-Level Control: -6/ +4dB

Mid-Level Control: fixed

Low-Level Control: -6/ +6dB

Subwoofer Level Control: -20/ +10dB

Indicators: 5.7" sunlight-readable color display

Remote control: K-NET, Ethernet

Power Requirements

Power Connector: 1 x Neutrik PowerCon® 32A

Operating Voltage: 230V

Operating Voltage Range: 195 to 260V AC

Recommended Amperage: 20A 205V | 16A 230V

Soft Start: Yes

Protection: Thermal breaker

Cooling: Front-to-back, active

Physical Dimensions

Height177.8 mm (7.0"), 4HE

Width: 481.4 mm (18.95")

Depth: 495 mm (19.5")

Weight: 36 kg (80lbs)

Product code

  • KVV 987 334

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