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Amplifier - Rack mounted

The SL3000 Amplifier is a three-way, active control and amplification system specifically designed for the KV2 Audio SL Series modular loudspeaker systems. The SL3000 Stereo Amplifier drives and controls one SL412 per channel and follows the typical KV2 holistic approach of matching components with high-quality electronics for true direct performance. The SL3000 utilizes a 1000-watt high efficiency – current enhancing, switch–mode technology, with linear active filter design for the low mid-section, a 200-watt class AB push-pull low intermodulation design amplifier for the mid-range, and a similar 100-watt design for the high frequencies. It houses all time-alignment, phase correction, amplification, and equalization, as well as provides an external subwoofer crossover output to run further subwoofer cabinets if needed.


  • High Frequency - 100-watt, Class AB, push-pull, low intermodulation design

  • Mid Frequency - 200-watt, Class AB, push-pull, low intermodulation design

  • Low Frequency - 1000-watt, high-efficiency, current-enhancing switch mode technology


Specifically designed as the amplification and control elements for the SL loudspeaker systems in a 4RU mount module

  • Fixed Installations

Output Channels

Number of Channels: 2 (stereo)

Total Output Power: 2 x 1300W

High-Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: Class AB - Push-Pull - Low IM Design, Transformer balanced output

Rated Continuous Power: 100W

Distortion: <0.02%

Operating Bandwidth: 2,5kHz to 40kHz

Mid Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: Class AB - Push-Pull - Low IM Design, Transformer balanced output

Rated Continuous Power: 200W

Distortion: <0.02%

Operating Bandwidth: 400Hz to 2,5kHz

Low-Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: High efficiency, Current-enhancing switch mode

Rated Continuous Power: 1000W

Distortion: <0.02%

Operating Bandwidth: 35Hz to 400Hz

Signal Input

Input Sensitivity: 2.2V RMS

Input Impedance: 20kΩ (balanced)

Speaker Output

Speaker Output: 2 x AP6

Power Requirements

Power Connector: 2 x Neutrik PowerCon®

Operating Voltage: 115V / 230V / 250V

Operating Voltage Range: 100 to 120V@60Hz | 205 to 240V@50Hz | 225 to 260V@50Hz

Recommended Amperage: 2x10A 115V | 2x5A 230V | 2x5A 250V

Physical Dimensions

Height: 177.8 mm (7.0"), 4RU

Width: 481.4 mm (18.95")

Depth: 495 mm (19.5")

Weight: 39.2 kg (86.62lbs)

Product code

  • KVV 987 280 - SL3000 Amplifier - 250V

  • KVV 987 279 - SL3000 Amplifier - 230V

  • KVV 987 278 - SL3000 Amplifier - 115V

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