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Amplifier - rack mounted

ESR2800 amplifier is designed as part of KV2 Audio's ESR, full range Series and optimized for use with the ESR212 loudspeaker system featuring a tri-amplified stereo electronic control pack, Super Analog components throughout. Extremely High Definition offers a true musical solution to the enjoyment of live music on a grand scale.


  • The ESR2800 Amplifier is a three-way, active control and amplification system specifically designed for the KV2 Audio ESR Series modular loudspeaker systems.

  • It houses all signal processing and amplification as well as provides a control for external subwoofer cabinets to run further subwoofer cabinets if needed. The external subwoofer amplifier powers the external subwoofer.

  • The amplifier complement inside the ESR2800 Amplifier is as follows:

  • High Frequency - 100-watt, Class AB, push-pull, low intermodulation design 

  • Mid Frequency - 200-watt, Class AB, push-pull, low intermodulation design 

  • Bass - 1000-watt, high-efficiency, current-enhancing switch mode technology with Linear Active Filter


specifically designed as the amplification and control elements for the ESR212 loudspeaker system in a 4RU mount module

  • Fixed Installations

  • Music venues

  • Classical and opera concerts

Output Channels

Number of Channels: 2 (stereo)

Total Output Power: 2 x 1300W

High-Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: Class AB - Push-Pull - Low IM Design, Transformer balanced output

Rated Continuous Power: 100W

Distortion: <0.02%

Operating Bandwidth: 2.5kHz to 40kHz

Mid Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: Class AB - Push-Pull - Low IM Design, Transformer balanced output

Rated Continuous Power: 200W

Distortion: <0.02%

Operating Bandwidth: 500Hz to 2,5kHz

Low-Frequency Amplifier Specification

Type: High efficiency, Current-enhancing switch mode

Rated Continuous Power: 1000W

Distortion: <0.02%

Operating Bandwidth: 20Hz to 500Hz

Signal Input

Input Sensitivity: 1.55V RMS

Input Impedance: 20kΩ (balanced)

Speaker Output

Speaker Output: 2 x AP6

Power Requirements

Power Connector: 2 x Neutrik PowerCon®

Operating Voltage: 115V / 230V / 250V

Operating Voltage Range: 100 to 120V@60Hz | 205 to 240V@50Hz | 225 to 260V@50Hz

Recommended Amperage: 2x10A 115V | 2x5A 230V | 2x5A 250V

Physical Dimensions

Height: 177 mm (6.97"), 4RU

Width: 481.4 mm (18.95")

Depth: 455.3 mm (17.93")

Weight: 36 kg (79.37lbs)

Product code

  • KVV 987 285 - ESR2800 Amplifier - 250V

  • KVV 987 283 - ESR2800 Amplifier - 230V

  • KVV 987 284 - ESR2800 Amplifier - 115V

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